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Binary trading is always an hazard but we provide our traders with all of the tools needed to profit from binary options trading.

Our financial experts have contributed their years of experience and knowledge to compile the ultimate guide to binary options and the financial markets. If you are new to trading, check out our beginner’s courses and information about the trading platform. Learn how to trade binary options and receive tips and advice on getting started.

More experienced investors are recommended to look at the advanced courses for new ideas on how to maximize profit and take advantage of the latest trends. Plus, you’ll find articles and an ebook about the individual commodities, stocks, forex pairs, and indices available on our trading platform.

Our goal is to make this content library as comprehensive as possible so that all of our traders have the information needed to fully understand and profit from financial markets.

  Beginners Courses  

Course Introduction

Why learning to trade is important?
What we’ll teach you in this course?
The Diversity of Binary Options.

The World of Global Trading

An overview of the Binary Options Market, different financial instruments explained and themain factors that drive the market.

Binary Options Advantages

What’s so good about Binary Options? In this video we’ll list of the advantages.

Trading Is an Art Form

What traders need to know in order to become successful?

Chance and Risk

What are the chances and risks and the types of investments.

Are You an Emotional Trader?

What are the relations between emotions and trading? Why you must be in a specific state of mind in order to succeed? How to identify bad emotional state and how to deal with it?

Distributing Risks

What is risk distribution?
How good capital management may make the difference between failed and successful investment?

  Advanced Courses  

Passive Trading 5/15 Rule

What is the 5/15 rule?
How to implement it in real trading?

Aggressive Trading 10/30 Rule

What is the 10/30 rule?
How to implement it?
When should you use it?

Market Analysis Types

The two basic types of market analysis.


What is trend and how it can help in finding the market direction?
The 3 possible market direction and how trends are identified?

Support and Resistance

The definitions of support and resistance.
How to identify support or resistance line?
Support and resistance strength.

Shooting Star, Harami Patterns

The patterns’ features and characteristics.
Tips for patterns identification.

Engulfing+, Downside Gap Three

The patterns’ features and characteristics.
Tips for patterns identification.

Breakaway, 3 White Soldiers

The patterns’ features and characteristics.
Tips for patterns identification.

  Binary Options  

Introduction to Binary Options

An overview of the Binary options market, different financial instruments, factors that drives the market.

Trading Psychology

This is probably the most important lesson in the course.
Topics covered: understanding the importance of emotional intelligence while trading, how to deal with the hatred of loss.

Financial Management

One of the biggest mistakes traders do is mishandling their capital. In this lesson you’ll learn why capital management is a must.

Market Analysis

This lesson generally explains what market analysis is and how to master it: Technical and Fundamental Analysis — what is the difference?

  In-Depth Courses  

Winning Tactic

In this lesson we’ll start learning how to combine all the information and use our professional trader’s winning strategies and how to choose the strategy that works for you.

Basic Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a very common way to predict future movements of the market: Most common price patterns, Trends types, Support and resistance.

Advanced Technical Analysis

In this lesson you’ll practice pattern recognition and advanced technical analysis techniques: Japanese candle stick charts, how to recognize a pattern, and how to trade when a pattern is recognized.

  Trading eBook  

Read this important book we have created and begin trading smarter.

Topics include:

• Traders’ psychology and behavior
• Essential concepts and terms
• Tips for a successful trading
• How to use trading tools
• Practice basic and important techniques
• Learn how to trade
• Learn when to trade

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